Monu – from tea shop boy “Chottu” to cook

Monu belongs to a village in Bihar. The financial situation of his family and his interest in cooking led him to small hotels where he worked as a helper (Chottu). But his income was not sufficient to run a family. So he shifted to Delhi. He landed up in a job as a cook cum housekeeper for a middle class family where he was earning Rs 9000/ per month. But soon the family realized that Monu did not have the required skill set that they expected from him and he was out of job.

He came to B-ABLE DomesteQ where Asha had lengthy interaction with him. Asha realized that Monu had the right attitude, but was lacking in grooming, required skill sets for a cook etc. One of the clients of B-ABLE DomesteQ was on the lookout for a cook who had the right attitude and personality. Asha talked to them and convinced them to try Monu for a short period and she strongly felt that Monu is a right fit for that client. So the client accepted the suggestion and hired Monu as a cook for a pay of Rs9000/ per month.

Even though Monu was nervous at the start he had the will power and determination to prove himself. He used to call Asha every day and take advises from her. Asha kept guiding Monu regularly through phone on planning Menus, organizing ingredients in time, personal grooming, how to talk confidently.

Monu is a quick learner. He learned fast from the tips Asha gave him and within 2 months client told B-ABLE DomesteQ that they wanted to raise Monu’s salary to Rs13000 and after 5 months to Rs15000 per month.

Now Monu is a part of the family and earning a good salary. He is happy that he is able to support his family. He is still in touch with Asha di who gives him tips…



A sensitive care taker from Assam

Sushila was born in a big family in Assam. It was difficult for the family to make two ends meet. Sushila was sensitive to the needs of the family and decided to take on the responsibility to support her family. 

In the year 2004, she took a bold step to travel all the way to Delhi to find a suitable job. This was not easy as not only was the city new to her but also the language and the people. With great difficulty she managed to get part-time jobs in several houses. This went on for about 4 years but Sushila was not satisfied. She knew she had the capacity to do much more. 

She came to know about ‘DomesteQ’ and enrolled herself in a ‘Novice Training’ course. She learned the basics of good housekeeping, Child care, work ethics and also how to face an interview. She now has a DOM Card and with the help of the DomesteQ team she got placed with a family with a salary of Rs10,000/-per month. She was in touch with the DomesteQ team and currently earns around Rs18,000/- per month.

Sushila Herenj


Mamta – a confident house keeper

Mamta, 40 year old married lady lives in Delhi with her husband and children. Her financial status was not good, so she wanted to work as it was not possible to give the best to her family and children with only her husband’s earning. As it was never an easy task to get a satisfactory job, but she had to start from somewhere so finally she took a call and started her first job as a care taker for a patient. She did this job for three years, but was not enjoying it at all. She started losing her energy and willingness to work and just wanted to change the job but did not have any options.

Finally one day she could not take it any longer and left the job. She realized soon enough that her problems were still the same and she needed to find a job again. Unfortunately all her efforts were in vain and she did not succeed in getting a job.

In Feb 2014, she heard about B-ABLE DomesteQ from a friend and approached hoping to better her future. She told that she would love to cooking and housekeeper job, but didn’t want to work as a care giver for a patient or elderly person. B-ABLE DomesteQ correctly identified her need and interest. They counseled her and provided her with ‘Novice Training’. After which she was sent for job interviews by the team but surprisingly she got rejected again and again.

The team took this very seriously and did a thorough study of her behavior and work. They gauged that she was hard-working and knowledgeable about her work but did not have enough confidence to present her well during interviews.

Again the team conducted various back to back counseling sessions for her to build her confidence. This time the team also conducted counseling sessions with some of the prospective employers and motivated them to give a fair chance to Mamta at least for 2-3 days to prove her. Mamta was sent for 2 days trial to a household where two children lived with their single father. Here her role was to look after the entire house and also take care of the children. The client promised to pay Mamta a salary of Rs.15,000 per month, if her work was satisfactory. The client got in touch with B-ABLE DomesteQ after the trial period and told the team that he was very happy with Mamta’s work and would confirm her job at Rs.18000 per month.

For Mamta this job was like a dream come true. Today she is happy and contented with her work – which she says was only possible because of B-ABLE DomesteQ Team.