All our cooking courses include kitchen hygiene; safe food preparation and storage cover basic cooking methods:

  • Continental Cooking for Families – Level: Basic

    B-ABLE DomesteQ’s Continental Cooking Course for Families (Basic) gives cooks and other household staff a basic understanding of western cooking Students will learn simple recipes using local ingredients and understand how to use these recipes to create a variety of dishes. Recipes for both continental courses will include soups, basic sauces, vegetable, fish, chicken and pasta dishes as well as simple family-style desserts.

  • Continental Cooking for Families – Level: Intermediate

    Designed for cooks with basic grounding in Continental family cuisine, participants are taught menu planning, variations and presentation. Recipes from Thai, Italian and Chinese cuisine are included and adapted to local products and produce.

  • Indian Home Cooking

    B-ABLE DomesteQ’s Indian Home Cooking course introduces the fine art of preparing delicious food from across the country. Participants are taught simple and authentic cooking methods that are used traditionally in Indian homes and learn about the spices and flavours of North Indian cuisine.

  • Baking: Cakes, Cookies and Pies

    Designed for our clients with a sweet tooth. Participants will learn traditional baking methods and learn to bake using local ingredients. Created for the experienced cook that is keen to add flair to the final part of any meal.