Q. How long is each training course? 

As each module is tailor made, we can design the length of each course to match your specific requirement. We recommend each module lasts approximately 4 hours and our consultants will be happy to advise you on topics to be included.

Q. Does my domestic worker need to be able to speak English or read and write?

Literacy is never assumed when training with B-ABLE DomesteQ. Courses are taught in Hindi and the ability to speak English is not required. Reading and writing in either language is not a requirement, our curriculum and teaching methods are specially designed for the semi-literate and illiterate worker.

Q. Do you require cooks to be able to read recipes?

No, we teach cooking with a hands-on approach and we have found that many domestic cooks have incredible memories and have developed their own ways of remembering the instructions for new dishes.

Q. Do you provide the supporting documentation ?

All templates, instructions and recipes are provided to the client in English while to the candidate in Hindi.

Q. How is quality maintained after training is complete?

For our corporate clients we offer a monthly quality assessment programme which includes a monthly visit by our trainers and a full written report for the client. During the visit the trainer is available to the course participants to answer any questions or provide tips. The assessment process ensures that quality levels are maintained post –training.

For our private clients we encourage the identification of one staff member as a supervisor and provide quality control templates for their use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.