Placement Process

application_formB-ABLE DomesteQ offers a tailored Assisted Placement Service,.  B-ABLE DomesteQ does the homework for you whether you are looking for help at home or in the office.   We are proud to be the first domestic placement company to fully interview each candidate.  We create a complete file on each candidate which includes as much information about their past experience, language skills and family background that we are able to glean. We retain copies of all education certificates and reference letters.  B-ABLE DomesteQ requires all candidates to have a valid photo id.  B-ABLE DomesteQ does not register every domestic worker that comes to our office.  We chose those that stand out and do our best to gauge their honesty and skill level. For candidates that come with no references we use our contacts in the villages to verify that they are members of that community.  This process enables us to provide real data on the individual and eliminates most opportunists however, it doesn’t provide absolute guarantees.  Using this detailed process, we are able to match our client’s household needs with the candidate’s personal situation, past experience and current expectations.   We provide the information, set up the appointments and the client interviews and make a choice.  Long-term placement is our key objective and education is cornerstone of our success.  Providing the client with information on market norms, tips on interviewing and trialling, sample contracts, duty sheets and other essential information as well as ensuring the candidates understand what is expected of them ensures that the relationship between worker and employee begins on a strong professional footing

Placement Process- Assisted Placement with B-ABLE DomesteQ

A Step by Step Guide
B-ABLE DomesteQ consultant will work directly with you to match your domestic requirements with the skills and needs of registered available domestic workers. We set up interviews and provide support throughout the trial and hiring process. An additional fee is charged for successful placements.

    • Step One – On line Registration:

To begin you simply need to send in the completed application form and place a tick mark in the box at the end of the Terms & Conditions. Once we have received the completed application, B-ABLE DomesteQ consultant will contact you by telephone to understand your specific situation and requirements. Our consultants will begin searching our database once they

receive your application and then contact you directly for further details. B-ABLE DomesteQ cannot guarantee that we will always have workers that suit your requirement but we will be happy to set up interviews with those workers that match your criteria and are currently available. In order to attain our objective of long-term successful placements, the process is necessarily quite detailed and although we understand that everyone’s need is urgent, finding available domestic workers that suit your criteria may take up to 10 working days.

    • Step Two – Payment of Registration Fee for Assisted Placement Clients:

Once we have established that there are available workers that match your criteria you will be asked to pay our non-refundable, annual registration fee. As workers cannot be “reserved” and they are free to interview with any potential employers until they have been offered a trial it is in your best interest to pay this within a few days of sending in your application. The registration fee can be paid by cash or cheque drawn in favour of BASIX Academy for Building Lifelong Employability payable at Delhi. It can be delivered to our office located at Said-Ul-Ajab. It can also be online transferred in our bank account.

    • Step Three – Interviewing: 

Your B-ABLE DomesteQ consultant will contact you to set up the interviews at a time and venue of your choice. It is essential that you contact us directly after the interview to let us know if you are interested in trialing a worker as we are unable to hold their file. B-ABLE DomesteQ briefs each worker on your specific job requirements and will only send those that have similar expectations. However, B-ABLE DomesteQ cannot be held responsible if the worker changes their requirements or expectations during the interview.

    • Step Four – Trialing Staff:

If, during the interview process you are interested in trialing a domestic worker please contact your B-ABLE DomesteQ consultant immediately to inform them. Clients are permitted to trial each domestic worker for up to 3 working days. Payment for these trial days is the responsibility of the client and is to be paid directly to the domestic worker. B-ABLE DomesteQ recommends that you pay domestic workers a minimum of Rs 500 per trial day or 1/30th of their most recent salary. If you keep someone beyond 3 days, we will assume that you have hired them and will invoice you our referral fee.

    • Step Five – Hiring and billing:

Hiring and billing: Any time prior to or up to the 3 days trial period if you are ready to hire the domestic worker, please contact us. If not, we will contact you assuming you are interested in hiring and will prepare an invoice for our referral fee.

    • Step Six – Payment Terms:

If a domestic worker is successfully placed the client pays a non-refundable referral fee. Indian Service Tax of 14.5% will be added to the invoice which will be sent to you after the end of the 3 day trial.

Payment must be made within 2 working days from the date of issue on the invoice in order to avail of your guarantee period. Payment can be made in cash or by cheque only. If the domestic worker does not work out and the referral fee has been paid we will do our best to replace them immediately but there is no guarantee we will be able to do so. In the event that within 30 days of the commencement of that employment the domestic worker resigns or is discharged by the employer, B-ABLE DomesteQ will undertake to provide the employer with one replacement if the initial invoice has been paid in full