Payment Terms

B-ABLE DomesteQ Payment Terms & Conditions

(Only for NCT of Delhi)


    Domestic Workers Expectations: There are a very limited number of workers who will live in. The majority prefer to come and go from their place of employment. The domestic workers in our database usually look for jobs that reflect the criteria listed below:

  • Duty hours vary from worker to worker and are based on their previous situations. Some ask for a day off a week while others will accept jobs if there is a guarantee of 2 days off per month. If the domestic worker is female and lives out, she may require transport home after dark.

  • A lunch break of at least 30 minutes – the worker will bring lunch or it can be provided to them by client.

  • Live out domestic workers may be available to do overtime. Normal overtime rates in the NCR are Rs50 per hour and for female domestic workers transport to home will be required after 7pm.

  • The working environment is safe and they are treated with dignity and respect.

  • If they live in, they require their own bed to sleep in, access to fresh food and a washroom with privacy that they can use indoors.


1. After receiving completed online application form, a B-ABLE DomesteQ consultant will contact you to inform if there are workers on our database that fit your requirement. The final decision to trial and hire is the full responsibility of the client.

2. If you wish to receive further information and interview our workers you will be required to pay our non-refundable, one-time registration fee of Rs 3900. As workers cannot be reserved, they are free to interview with any potential employers until offered a trial therefore it is in your best interest to pay the registration fee within a few days of confirming availability of candidates. The registration fee must be paid by cash, bank transfer or cheque, payable in Delhi. An admin fee of Rs.750 will be charged to the client for any returned cheque.

3. The B-ABLE DomesteQ consultant will set up interviews and send workers to your residence at a time convenient to you. Each worker will be briefed on your specific job requirements and only those will be sent who agree to the conditions you have specified. However, B-ABLE DomesteQ cannot be held responsible if the worker changes their requirements during the interview.

4. B-ABLE DomesteQ workers are held to a code of conduct and are made aware that if they do not adhere to it they risk suspension/expulsion from the database.

5. Client may trial for up to 3 days and client must pay domestic worker directly for trial days (recommendation is Rs500 per day or 1/30th of their last monthly salary.)

6. Client has to confirm the decision to hire the domestic worker by the end of the 3rd day of trial. Details of the salary amount agreed to be paid by the client to the domestic workers should also be communicated preferably through e-mail or phone to the B-ABLE DomesteQ at the end of the 3rd day of the trial.

7. In case B-ABLE DomesteQ does not receive any confirmation from client about hiring and salary terms, B-ABLE DomesteQ is free to provide new opportunities of employment to the concerned domestic worker immediately thereafter.

8. If a domestic worker is successfully placed the client pays a non-refundable  referral fee equivalent to 45 Days Salary of the domestic worker. Indian Service Tax of 14.5% will be added to the invoice and will be sent to you after the end of your 3 day trial period.

9. The payment must be made within 2 working days in order to avail of your guarantee period and replacement services commitment.

10. In case B-ABLE DomesteQ does not receive any confirmation of payment of referral fee from the client, B-ABLE DomesteQ is free to provide new opportunities of employment to the concerned domestic worker immediately thereafter.

11. If the domestic worker does not work out and the referral fee has been paid we will do our best to replace them immediately but there is no guarantee we will be able to do so. In the event that within 30 days of the commencement of that employment the domestic worker resigns or is discharged by the employer, B-ABLE DomesteQ will undertake to provide the employer with one replacement if the initial invoice has been paid in full within 2 working days from the invoice-date. In the event that employment of chosen domestic worker falls through after the 30 days and before 3 months (90 days), the referral fee for the replacement to fill the same job would be twenty three (23) days salary of the worker.

12. B-ABLE DomesteQ will not put forward domestic workers for interview or hire in homes where there is still an employed domestic worker, referred by B-ABLE DomesteQ, who has been deemed unsuccessful by the client.

B-ABLE DomesteQ shall have no further obligations specific to the employer with regard to the domestic worker(s) chosen and assumes no liability for the domestic worker in any way. The employer will not disclose to any third party information regarding any B-ABLE DomesteQ staff domestic workers, including names and phone numbers provided by B-ABLE DomesteQ and agrees not to make an independent offer to any B-ABLE DomesteQ domestic worker. In the event that the client does so, B-ABLE DomesteQ will remove the domestic worker from its database and refuse service to the client in the future.