Our Partnerships

National Skill Development Agency B-ABLE DomesteQ is leading the RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) pilot study on 1000 general domestic workers in Delhi/NCR. This pilot is the first attempt to assess the current skill sets in this industry. B-ABLE Domesteq created 9 draft NOS that have been used in the assessment of skills which will lead to RPL certification for the participants.

National Skill Development Corporation B-ABLE was the first training partner of NSDC when it was formed in 2010 and has been working on various projects under the aegis of the Ministry of Skill Development. B-ABLE DomesteQ is one of the core members of the consortium forming the Sector Skill Council for Domestic Workers and has been part of the working group proposing job roles and creating NOSs. The SSC is due for approval later this year.

NGO Collaborations B-ABLE DomesteQ has been working with many organisations in civil society including NDWM, SEWA, Nai Disha, Chetanalaya, Satat on various skill development projects of domestic workers. B-ABLE DomesteQ puts the empowerment of these workers at the centre of its mission.