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Mamta, 40 year old married lady lives in Delhi with her husband and children. Her financial status was not good, so she wanted to work as it was not possible to give the best to her family and children with only her husband’s earning. As it was never an easy task to get a satisfactory job, but she had to start from somewhere so finally she took a call and started her first job as a care taker for a patient. She did this job for three years, but was not enjoying it at all. She started losing her energy and willingness to work and just wanted to change the job but did not have any options.


Monu belongs to a village in Bihar. The financial situation of his family and his interest in cooking led him to small hotels where he worked as a helper (Chottu). But his income was not sufficient to run a family. So he shifted to Delhi. He landed up in a job as a cook cum housekeeper for a middle class family where he was earning Rs 9000/ per month. But soon the family realized that Monu did not have the required skill set that they expected from him and he was out of job.


Sushila was born in a big family in Assam. It was difficult for the family to make two ends meet. Sushila was sensitive to the needs of the family and decided to take on the responsibility to support her family.  In the year 2004, she took a bold step to travel all the way to Delhi to find a suitable job. This was not easy as not only was the city new to her but also the language and the people.

Sushila Herenj

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